Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Our Customers Our Saying

"These guys are great! Customer service is tops. When I left my car for service they drove me back to work, AND they picked me up when my car was ready.

Even more important is they know what they're doing, and they're honest.

My car had been making a quiet tapping noise that would come and go. It had been doing this for years. I was told by a Nissan dealership that my car needed work on the axle bearings, which would cost $600 plus. When the noise suddenly became loud and grinding I took my car to Alex's. They took a look under the car and quickly discovered the problem. The toggles holding up the parking brake cables were gone, and the cables were hitting against the drive shaft. Marks on the drive shaft showed this had been going on for a long time. The repair cost less than $100!

I found Alex's on Yelp and went there because of the 5 star reviews. Well deserved. So I'm adding another five star review. I will never take my car anywhere else"

Peg J.

“I had my car brought in after I was surprised with a check engine light. They were kind and courteous.

The good stuff is all true. Been in Benicia and going here for 20 years. Since the "Alex" retired there has been no drop off in service or integrity. They are very honest. I brought in a broke down beater. The fix would have been $800. They suggested it was not worth it. Rather than charge for the diagnostic and toss me the keys, they offered to facilitate car donation to KQED! They took care of everything. I saved $200 in taxes"

Mikey M.

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