Saturday, November 14, 2015

Signs You May Need Transmission Repair

In this day and age, a trustworthy car is incredibly important. With the hours we spend on the road going back and forth between work, home, and other errands, we get to know the feel and sound of our cars and when something doesn't sound right, we rush our mechanical companion to the shop right away! The transmission is one of the most important parts of each car, and there are several signs that can indicate that repair is needed.

Leaking fluid is one of the more serious, though early, signs that transmission repair is needed. It may be remedied by replacing external seals, or it may require more complicated work. Either way, the car should be in the shop as soon as possible. If the fluid continues to leak, the transmission will fail completely and require a costly replacement.

The low fluid level may cause your car to maintain a neutral position for a short period of time when you try to accelerate from a complete stop or you're making a turn. Unfortunately, once the transmission fluid becomes low, it indicates that a leak has formed. It's imperative to have your car examined as soon as possible.

At times the fluid may begin leaking over the exhaust, causing a burning smell. In addition to the danger of ruining your car, this situation can also cause the potential of a fire. The fluid leaking onto the exhaust is incredibly hot!

A second indication of trouble is the shaking or bucking the car begins to exhibit when driven at highway speeds. Another problem that may come up is transmission slipping. This happens when the engine is revving, but no power is making its way to the wheels. An expert can evaluate the work that needs to be done.

If you notice your car becomes sluggish when shifting between gears, it's time to see a mechanic as soon as possible. While the car may simply need to be adjusted, it's better to confirm that you do not require major transmission repair.

Sometimes your car will simply refuse to shift into certain gears. And some computer-controlled cars will automatically revert to a "failsafe" or "limp home" mode in order to protect the transmission from further damage. The car can then be brought to the shop safely to be repaired.

Nowadays cars are built with computer-controlled parts. A lighted check engine light may be an indication that something is wrong with the transmission. Repair specialists can read your car's computer printout and determine what part of the engine is causing the light to illuminate.

With so many different indications, you may be confused when it comes to trying to self-diagnose your car's problems. This is why it's so important to have an expert examine your car when you feel that something isn't right. It's always better to be safely driving to your destination after having a necessary, though costly transmission repair, rather than stranded on the side of the road with an even more serious replacement needed!

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