Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Five Tips on How to Keep Your Car Running Smooth

Looking after your car is one of the crucial things you need to do to keep your car run without troubling you and to avoid expensive repair bills. To make sure that your car stays at the optimal level of operation, you should get your car regularly serviced. Before it ends up costing you extra, here are some tips that may help you keep your car running smooth.

1. Get your car regularly serviced

Replace the spark plugs in your car engine regularly. This helps the fuel and air mixture burn cleaner and more efficiently.

Check for the oil. Less oil makes your engine work harder.

Replace the filters periodically as recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, make sure clean the filters. Dirty filters can increase the amount of fuel your car uses by about 10%.

Keep your tires properly aligned and inflated. Regularly check to make sure that your wheels are properly aligned and inflated.

Get your car regularly tuned up to avoid sudden problems. Damaged spark plugs or any other issues can lead to poor gas mileage.

2. Watch out your driving style

Ensure to drive gently which means accelerating slowly. This helps you apply brakes gently and avoid panic stops. Moreover, if the temperature is freezing outside, allow your car to get warm before you start driving it hard. Drive slowly for first 5 - 10 minutes until the engine oil warms up and starts lubricating all the components.

3. Be on the look out for the engine warning signs

It will be right to drive short distances with certain warning lights illuminated within a normal range. But there are certain warning lights that you cannot ignore - the engine temperature gauge, engine oil light and the brake light. Check for such signs, and as soon as possible, shut off the engine. See your car mechanic at the earliest.

4. Unload extra weight

This is the crucial in terms of running your car smoothly because the extra weight can be stressful to the critical conditions and can cause premature wear. Remember to remove things that cause extra drag. Remove things that are heavy as extra weight will not only make your engine work harder but also hurts your gas mileage.

5. Get problems fixed as early as possible

If there is a minor problem with your car, get it checked as early as possible. For instance, a torn CV boot is a common problem, which needs a simple repair. But delaying for getting it fixed will end up making you stop in the middle of the road and force you to pay additional money.

Following these tips, you can ensure smooth functionality of your car and you are likely to have a smooth ride apart from saving yourself from expensive repairs.

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